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Lighting/Production Design
Spring 2020/Fall 2021

Lawrence is a high energy pop-soul band straight from NYC. For their shows, the idea was to make it feel like your jamming with them in your living room. We took elements of that NY apartment and threw them together on stage. From the everyday lamps to stoplight poles and neon tubes. This band can make any venue a party and the design just adds to the fun!

JBHS Pop Show
Lighting/Production Design
Spring 2016-2019

This isn't just any high school show but a 3-hour marathon of talent. From dance ensembles and solo acts to full show choir numbers. The challenge here is to keep every act fresh and unique. For over 30 years this show has wowed Los Angeles and showcased countless stars sending them out into the big entertainment world beyond.

Cyber apocalypse
Creative Director/Producer
Fall 2012

Bring a great team together we took the CalArts Halloween party to the next level and transformed the whole school with the 2012 Mayan apocalypse theme. Building a huge video mapped stepped pyramid as well as the technologically ridden ruins of a once large society. As the event producer, I led the creative team to bring what's expected of this party to a new level.

College Night
Creative Lead/Lighting Design
Spring 2012

For The Getty Center's 2012 College Night, I was brought on as a student event producer. I worked with the events team at The Getty to create the event which featured performances by Milo Greene, a photoshoot seminar, the opening of a Herb Ritz gallery and more. My role was to bring a student perspective to the overall event as well as coordinate the lighting of the performances, added art installations, and entire event space.

Haunted Schoolhouse
Creative Direction/Producer
Fall 2011

After working on the CalArts Halloween Party in 2010 I took on the role as the producer for the party in 2011. We created the Haunted Schoolhouse which featured a new bold design in video and lighting. The event was especially helpful in making the next years event, Cyber Apocolypse so successful.

GLP Trade Shows
Lighting/Production Design

Alongside designer Matt Shimamoto and the teams at GLP we created dynamic and original lighting experiences to highlight the innovative features of manufacturer German Light Products’ newest lights. Tasked with showcasing the company’s inventive technology, our shows aimed to stand out from the crowd, winning awards three years in a row at LDI for booth and product displays as well at at Prolight and Sound. The deisgn of the show is not only the lighting but full experience from shows soundtracks, scenic elements and product layouts.

Conceptual DesigN
Production Design/Rendering

In the entertainment world so much work comes and goes,  here are some of those ideas that went. From the inspiration behind the design to the rendering of the show and trying to represent the feelings and energy of the potential show to come.

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